Your Pet's Comfort and Happiness Matter

Overnight, Long-Term & Day Care Boarding Services for Your Dog's Companionship Needs

At Piedmont Canine Boarding, we offer more than just overnight and long-term boarding – we also provide Day Care services for puppies and adult dogs in need of companionship while you’re at work or away for the day.

Our modern facility is designed to ensure your pet’s comfort and happiness. With both indoor and outdoor runs in a climate-controlled environment, your dog can enjoy the best of both worlds. The soothing music and beautifully landscaped courtyard create a homelike setting, making their stay with us a pleasant experience.

Each run features a spacious 4 x 4 foot indoor suite with a Lexan window for outdoor viewing. The suite also has a door that leads to a 4 x 10 foot outdoor patio, allowing your dog to enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities. For added comfort, off-the-floor cots are available at a nominal charge.

Pamper Your Dog with Exceptional Care & Comfort

We prioritize your dog’s well-being. During their stay, we provide Eukanuba maintenance diet for their meals. However, if you prefer to supply another brand of food for your furry friend, you are more than welcome to do so.

Rest assured that your dog’s safety is our top priority. All our suites and patios are equipped with Sani-Kennels, a new design by the Mason Fence Company that prevents contact between adjacent dogs, ensuring a hygienic and stress-free environment.

Choose Piedmont Canine Boarding for a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your beloved dog. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and creating a home away from home for your furry companion.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Service

Extra Attention and Activities for Your Beloved Dog

Our Tender Loving Care (TLC) service is designed for dogs who enjoy special attention and personalized activities. It’s a dedicated time when your pet can run and play in our backyard, accompanied by our caring staff, using a flexi retractable leash.

TLC is particularly beneficial for newcomers and pets experiencing their first boarding experience. It’s also perfect for pampered pets who thrive on extra attention and care. Additionally, it provides an excellent outlet for active dogs to burn off energy and is especially beneficial for geriatric dogs who require daily walking to prevent stiffness.

As TLC is an optional service, we tailor it to meet the specific needs and preferences of your individual pet. You have the flexibility to schedule activities as you wish, ensuring that your furry friend receives the attention and engagement they deserve.

Choose our TLC service to give your dog an extra dose of love and care during their stay with us. We are committed to providing a personalized experience that caters to the unique needs and preferences of your beloved pet.

A Playground for Boarded Dogs

Allow your boarded dog to stay active and have fun with our Off-Leash Exercise Area. Located in the private courtyard of our facility, this specially designed area provides a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to run, jump, play with toys, and even chase their tails.

Our Off-Leash Exercise Area is shown in the photos, showcasing the spacious outdoor space where dogs can freely explore and engage in physical activities. It is the perfect setting for dogs to expend energy, socialize, and enjoy the great outdoors.

We prioritize the well-being and happiness of your boarded dogs, and our Off-Leash Exercise Area allows them to experience a fun and active time during their stay with us. Our trained staff members will ensure the safety and supervision of all dogs in the area, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

Let your boarded dog enjoy the freedom and excitement of our Off-Leash Exercise Area, enriching their stay with plenty of exercise and playtime.


A Home Away from Home for Your Feline Friend

Purrfect for Cats

Experience a unique concept in cat boarding at our Carolina Cat Quarters. We understand that cats thrive in a familiar and comfortable environment, which is why we have created a serene and homelike setting for their stay.

Each cat has their own condominium, complete with a cozy bench and a cubbyhole for hiding and play. Our deluxe condos can accommodate multiple cats, providing ample space for the whole “family” to relax and enjoy their stay.

Our Carolina Cat Quarters offer soothing music, views of the outdoors with bird feeders and an aquarium, creating a calming ambiance that mimics the comforts of home. We believe in providing a stress-free environment for your feline companions.

During their stay, we supply Hill’s Science Diet for all cats, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet. However, you are welcome to bring your cat’s preferred food if they have specific dietary requirements or preferences.

Trust us to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable boarding experience for your beloved cats while you are away. Our Carolina Cat Quarters are designed to make your feline friends feel right at home.


Personalized Attention for Your Cat's Happiness and Relaxation

Indulge your cat with our Tender Loving Care (TLC) service, designed to provide personalized attention and ensure their happiness and relaxation during their stay away from home.

With TLC, your cat will have the opportunity to enjoy the indoor sunroom or outside gazebo, allowing them to bask in natural light and explore their surroundings. They can also spend quality one-on-one time with our dedicated staff members, who will provide gentle brushing, hold and stroke them, or offer any other form of individual attention your cat prefers.

TLC is an optional service that can be scheduled as often as you feel necessary to keep your pet content and at ease during their stay. We understand that every cat has unique needs and preferences, and our TLC service aims to cater to those individual requirements.

Rest assured that with our TLC service, your cat will receive the extra love, care, and attention they deserve, ensuring their happiness and relaxation throughout their time with us.

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